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Integrate google-code-prettify to Enki blog (i.e. a rails 3 application)


This blog is powered by Enki and as technical blog, I’d like to insert some code snippets to the entries. As a rails 3 application, integrating google-code-prettify is relatively simple.

First download the installation bundle (I experienced some difficulties, with perl, to make a distribution package from the svn):

$ curl --progress-bar -o prettify-1-Jun-2011.tar.bz2 \

Now, copy the .js and the pretiffy.css to your rails application public folder:

$ cd google-code-prettify/distrib/google-code-prettify
$ cp *.js /path/to/my/railsapp/public/javascripts/
$ cp prettify.css public/stylesheets/

You can use one of the other styles by using the corresponding .css file.

Insert <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'prettify' %> and <%= javascript_include_tag 'prettify' %> within the head element of your /path/to/my/railsapp/app/views/layouts/application.html.erb file. Add the onLoad="prettyPrint()" attribute to the body element.

Test and enjoy the efficient syntax highlighting!